Things To Do On A First Date When Getting To Know Someone

First dates can make people nervous, especially if you don’t know much about the person. Nervousness abounds, but excitement is also in the air. Where you go and what you do on a first date is the easy part. But what you do in terms of interaction is the part that makes you nervous.

If you know the person already, then conversation is easier because the connection is already established. That said, you could be on a blind date, a date with someone you just met or a date with someone you’ve known for a long time. Regardless, you want to get to know the person you’re dating on a deeper level. What do you talk about?

One of the cardinal rules of dating is to be sure you’re not constantly talking about yourself. At the same time, you want to be responsive to your partner and be sure to answer questions. It’s perfectly normal to talk about your life and experiences, but you want to get to know your partner.

Remember that some people are more hesitant to open up. Maybe you are one of those people, or perhaps you are an ice breaker. Think about recent experiences, especially anything funny that might have happened in the last week. But don’t think that you absolutely have to keep everything current.

You’re getting to know your partner, and you want to talk about the past and ask questions. Each of you talking about your childhoods and asking questions can keep the conversation lighthearted and a little humorous. Of course, you want to find out about his or her career, family, goals and dreams, etc.

Just remember that you don’t have to tick every box on the first date. You want to stay focused on the present, too, meaning what’s happening right in front of you. Enjoy the moment and the simple pleasures that comes from interacting with the person you’re with. If there is a connection, however, you’re going to lose yourself in the moment. That’s the fun part.

It takes time to establish a connection, however, and that’s not necessarily something that happens on the first date. Your goal is to certainly find common ground. Discussing your childhood and your family and asking your partner questions is a good way to find that common ground.

In fact, the more you open up and the more you find out about each other, the easier it is going to be to establish that connection. Work grievances are always fun to discuss. Many people are busy painting themselves as successful, but don’t buy into that. The partner for you is going to love you for who you are, and so you’re looking for someone you can talk comfortably with and tell all.